Is Lawn Mowing Maintenance a Landlord or Tenant Responsibility?

Is it the tenant’s or the owner’s responsibility to mow the lawns of your property? Hands down – it is the tenant’s responsibility if the property is not acreage, however lawn and garden maintenance terms should be written into the Tenancy Agreement and discussed prior to the start of tenancy. So, if your tenant is not mowing the lawn, what can you do?

There are several options for addressing this issue:

1st stop – Have the agent call the tenant to discuss the matter with them.

2nd stop – Have the agent issue the tenant with a breach notice.

3rd stop – Increase the rent and engage a lawn maintenance contractor upon tenancy renewal.

3rd stop – Provide an application to court for finalising the tenancy if the breach/breaches are not rectified.

With the right systems in place Astute Realty, ensures the tenancy runs smoothly with repairs reported, and rent paid regularly, alongside the lawns being maintained properly, to maintain the Capital Growth of your investment property.